Unknown Apparel Brand is the newest member of the Streetwear Fashion. Check out what it has to offer in it’s customized casual collection. Read now to know more!

The Streetwear Fashion Revolution Fueled by Unknown Apparel Brand


Streetwear fashion is a style of dressing that reflects the youthful and casual sneaker culture of New York. It’s a force to reckon as brands and international designers are vying to come up with designs that revolutionize streetwear fashion.


One such brand is the Unknown Apparel Brand by Brian Lopez. We are going to talk about that and how the whole streetwear fashion revolution is taking over the fashion sense around the globe.


The streetwear fashion can definitely be called a major urban youth movement given the fact that the whole culture encompasses the dreams and aspirations of the generation. There is no surprise that it is fondly associated with alternative music, alternative fashion, and even sports.


Unknown Apparel Brand, based in Philadelphia have captured the essence of streetwear fashion in the way they design their casual apparel. The best part of it all is that you can get them customized. It is definitely one of the best ways for the youth to reflect their personality and individuality without missing out on the latest fashion trends.


Wishing to make UAB a part of the complex, streetwear culture, Brian Lopez intends to bring one of the widest collection of clothing lines that will give the streetwear fashion a new perspective. Being a Puerto Rican and an avid lover of the streetwear culture, Brian Lopez’ UAB has a crucial X-Factor attached to it - customers can design their own apparel and flaunt them in style!


From T-shirts to Jeans, to Sweatpants, to casual jackets, to pullover hoodies, to sneakers, to headwear, the streetwear fashion industry covers it all. The punk, surf, and skate culture although originated in the late 1970s, it has had a huge impact in the present-day fashion sense as with brands like UAB, it pretty much becomes a DIY thing.


But, where did this culture come from? What made it such a phenomenon in the 21st century? Let’s find out!


Well, it all started back in the 1970s with the emergence of punk rock and hip-hop. The surf culture in Los Angeles is where this culture is believed to have born out of. It later coupled with the hip hop culture of New York in the early 1980s. People were producing their own designs before the fashion giants like Nike, Champion and Timberland pitched in. The ‘bling’ culture even made the luxury brands dip their toes into the market. The streetwear fashion really got a giant boost as Gucci and Burberry got into the scene.


The streetwear fashion went global in the 1990s when the haute couture eventually became a huge influence for the youth.


Nobody knew how quickly the world would accept this style of casual clothing. But, it did happen and now it has truly become a remarkable fashion statement for the youth. Unknown Apparel Brand has smartly timed the market and is all set to provide value to the streetwear enthusiasts.


They have all the new designs inspired by the love Brian has developed for this casual street fashion culture. He has designed the brand in a way that the customers are never disappointed with what they get. His brand’s ability to get the details right with every customization request is why UAB is all set to make a noise in the fashion industry. Find out more about how UAB is eyeing the streetwear revolution in 2020.