About Us

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How did we start?

Located in the heart of the city that has pioneered some of the trend-setting history-making streetwear boutiques, Brian Lopez curates designs bringing forth a kaleidoscope of sporty and edgy fashion. Whatisuab brings back streetwear that takes risks and sets the tone for future incoming styles. This brand was established with the intention to bring Philly to apparel.

What sets us apart?

Whatisuab envisions bringing streetwear back to the streets, bending it backward from high end and luxury stores, making it pocket-friendly again. The creative process for those at the store involves putting the heart back in where the head belongs. For a while, streetwear has been considered on its way out, but Whatisuab brings back what initially had the masses attracted towards streetwear: the charisma and the appeal. For Whatisuab, streetwear is about attitude and not the dollar worth of what you have on your back. This is why our brand collaborates with some of the best designing minds in the city to produce daring and striking merchandise and make you the hippest person on the block.  

Why pick us?

At Whatisuab, each product is created not for mass value or mass purchase, each article is treated as art and only for a limited clientele. We believe in providing those who choose our brand, with accessories and apparel that is envy-worthy not just in cuts and styles, but in color choice and the ethos it clearly represents. We feature apparel that is timeless and fluid in its constitutions. Our designs are not limited to the contemporary era; we are influenced by retro designs and streetwear icons of the golden days long gone. When you walk into Whatisuab, you get what you expect, fashion exuberance, endurance, and transcendence in quality.